State historic tax credit programs

Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit

Program overview:

The Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit offers a 25 percent credit for owners and long-term qualified lessees of certified historic buildings.

Annual cap: $60 million.

Project cap: $5 million.

Program details:

  • Carry forward: 5 years (4 year compliance period).
  • Applicant must have CPA certify costs if qualified rehabilitation expenditures exceed $200,000. The director of development services can approve one “catalytic project” per fiscal biennium that shall receive a tax credit equal to twenty-five percent of the dollar amount indicated on the certificate for a credit of no more than $5 million. A “catalytic project” is defined as a project whose rehabilitation will spur economic growth within 2,500 feet of the historic building.
  • Apply for the state and federal credits separately.
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