State historic tax credit programs

Kentucky Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program

Program overview:

The Kentucky Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program offers a 30 percent credit for qualified rehabilitation expenses as a state tax credit for owner-occupied residential properties.

Annual cap: $5 million.

Project cap: $400,000.

Program details:

  • A minimum investment of $20,000 is required, with the total credit not to exceed $60,000.
  • 20% of QREs available for all other properties, requiring a minimum investment of $20,000 or the adjusted basis, whichever is greater.
  • Total credit for a project must not exceed $400,000.
  • Louisville:
    1. Set-aside before Dec. 31 for a major HTC that meets certain requirements for the Seelbach Hotel.
    2. Refundable, transferrable HTCs can be claimed on the first $30 million of qualified rehabilitation expenditures on the project.
  • Apply for state credits and federal credits separately.
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