State historic tax credit programs

Delaware Historic Preservation Tax Credit Act

Program overview:

The Delaware Historic Preservation Tax Credit Act offers a 20 percent credit for properties eligible for Federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC); a 30 percent credit for homeowners and non-profits; and a 100 percent credit for resident curatorship properties.

Annual cap:
$8 million

Program details:

  • A 10% bonus credit applies for depreciable projects that qualify for low-income housing tax credits and homeowners who meet low-income qualifications.
  • 20% of qualified expenditures for income producing buildings, residential buildings.
  • An additional 10% for low-income housing developments.
  • $30,000 cap for single rehabilitation of owner-occupied property.
  • 30% for all other historic buildings.
  • Carry forward: 10 years.
  • Recapture: same as federal.

Who can use the credit?

The credit may be transferred in whole or in part at any time during the 10-year period. Commercial property owners may use the credit and property owners without tax liability, such as nonprofits or local governments, can take part in the program.