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Back to news AUGUST 16, 2021

Rounding out our leadership team

MacRostie Historic Advisors (MHA) is proud to announce the expansion of our leadership team with the naming of four new partners: Anna Mod, John Cramer, Kim Smith Barnett, and Richard Sidebottom. All four of our new partners have had the privilege of working closely with our founding Partner Bill MacRostie and Partner Allen Johnson, both of whom are preparing to retire. This moment of transition is an exhilarating one for MHA as we work together in the interest of our clients to chart the future of our firm.

Since its founding by Bill in 2003 in Washington D.C., MHA has experienced significant growth, expanding from one office and roughly twenty projects to seven offices across the country and more than 400 active projects. Albert Rex, our CEO, joined Bill on a consulting basis in 2005. In 2006, Allen joined the firm and opened the Chicago office. Excited about the firm’s potential, Albert joined the firm full time in 2008, establishing the Boston office, and rounding out the leadership of the firm for years to come. A Charleston office was opened in 2012 and, looking to the future, Albert and Allen joined Bill as partners in 2014. From there, offices were added in San Jose, Houston, and New Orleans. Albert was named CEO three years ago.

Together with Albert, the new partners will provide the expertise, energy, and leadership to move the firm into its third decade. Poised for continued growth, MHA thanks all its many clients and industry colleagues with whom it has worked closely over the years. Stay tuned!

"I am so pleased to have these four valuable colleagues join me as partners as we look to the future of our firm. Each brings something different to our leadership team that will make MHA an even stronger organization. In addition to being partners, I count them all as friends. I want to thank Bill and Allen for their guidance and leadership over the past seven years and for helping to make MHA 2.0 a reality." - Albert Rex

"I am so thankful and gratified for the hard work and vision everyone at MHA has contributed to get our firm to this point. I’m especially grateful to Albert and Allen for their leadership over the years, and look forward to a great new chapter of the firm under Albert’s guidance as CEO with the support of our new partners." - Bill MacRostie

A little about our new partners ...

Kim Smith Barnett became the director of the Boston Office in 2018 after nearly two decades in Providence, Rhode Island. Kim brought with her a number of new clients to MHA and has overseen the fastest growing office over the last couple of years with MHA’s expansion to Maine and increased opportunities throughout New England. Kim leads by example and has been a welcome addition to the firm.

John Cramer joined the firm as an associate in the Chicago office in 2013. An architect by training, John has proven himself time and time again working on some of the firm’s larger projects and providing solid leadership in the Chicago office even before becoming its director in 2020. Over the last couple of years, John has proven he has the ability to lead with his management of the Chicago office.

Anna Mod was the obvious choice when MHA started looking for a director to open a Texas office four years ago. A native Houstonian, Anna is well known by developers and preservationists throughout the state. She has proven to be a great addition to the organization providing leadership beyond the Texas marketplace.

Richard Sidebottom joined the firm in 2010 as an associate in the Boston office splitting his time between Boston and Charleston, SC. In 2012, Richard opened the Charleston office under Bill MacRostie in support of the many MHA projects in the Southeast, especially in North and South Carolina. Richard was named director of the office in 2016 and has become the face of MHA across the South.

A condensed version of this article appeared in the Summer 2021 issue of The Historic Advisor.